Mission Critical Electronics LLC. represents a platform of distinctive brands and products focusing on industrial electronic and electrical applications where durability, reliability, and performance in hostile environments is essential. A focus on critical system applications in commercial marine vessels, mega yachts, DC control & standby power, railroad passenger cars, wireless networks , emergency vehicles, and public safety communications and has resulted in a unique offering of high value products and well respected brands in our respective markets. Mission Critical Electronics is dedicated to supplying high quality products to the markets we serve, please click on catalogs to the right to view our web sites.

Over its 40 year history Newmar has earned a reputation of reliability in both marine and communication power applications.

The marine product line includes battery chargers, power supplies, DC converters, DC-AC inverters, distribution panels, circuit control and protection devices, and installation accessories. Wireless network products comprise DC power systems and components; rectifiers, DC converters, inverters, distribution panels, remote monitoring, back up power systems, and instrumentation.

Kussmaul is a 45 year old established brand in emergency vehicle applications, for fire apparatus in particular. Product line includes: battery chargers, cord eject systems, compressor pumps, instruments, inverters, solar panels and specialized installation accessories that maintain vehicles in a constant state of readiness.

ASEA Power Systems is a World Leader in the design and fabrication of Marine Power Conversion Equipment ranging in power from 8 – 1000+kVA (air and liquid cooled).

Product applications include shore power converters, line voltage regulators, isolation transformers, generator management modules, clean grid converters and custom engineered designs.

ASEA Power’s Worldwide Team will help guide each installation from start to finish as well as providing support for years to come.

American Battery Charging provides chargers, enclosures and consoles for Standby Power, Industrial, and Railroad Transit applications.  The product range is wide and diverse and allows for custom solutions to customers requirements providing reliable products with extended longevity, timely deliveries, and exceptional service.

Power Products is a leading supplier of high performance batteries, chargers and related accessories for two-way radios used by public safety and government organizations, as well as business and industry. The company also develops custom battery and charging solutions for a variety of applications, including wireless communication devices and data collection.

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